What Nonprofits Can Learn from Entrepreneurs (reblog)

Very apt comparison between nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs. Nonprofit organzations – while ‘not for profit’ – are still businesses, and their leaders are quite often (and necessarily) risk-takers. The most successful are often the most entrepreneurial in their approaches.

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While the definition of entrepreneur is “an enterprising individual who builds capital through risk and/or initiative,” I consider many nonprofit leaders to be a type of entrepreneur who sacrifices the known to reap a harvest of the betterment of humanity. Risk and initiative are certainly characteristics of every philanthropic leader that I know, and the investment that they commit to a cause surpasses any dollar amount a checkbook can hold. However, there are a few things that nonprofit leaders can learn from successful entrepreneurs; after all, business acumen is the crux upon which social good can be performed.

Is There a Market for Your Product?

While most nonprofits aren’t selling a product in the traditional sense, they are selling their ideals, their burden for a cause, and methods for solving a problem. First of all, does the community you are seeking to help in fact want your help? As a nonprofit, focus…

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One response to “What Nonprofits Can Learn from Entrepreneurs (reblog)

  1. alison2012internship

    I agree. I think nonprofits can meet with a lot of success by risk-taking and doing what is not out there already.

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