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Can philanthropy be mutually beneficial?

The author contemplates the meaning of philanthropy and whether it can be beneficial not only to recipients but also to philanthropists. His five reasons why philanthropy can be mutually beneficial make for an interesting read…

Experience Baseball

1. the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed esp. by the generous donation of money to good causes.

I have mixed feelings about Philanthropy and “charity.” Both connote the transfer of resources from ones who have unto ones who have not. And that’s not what we seek in philanthropic work.

Rather, I think philanthropy embodies a spirit of community and commonality. It’s truly genuine and authentic compassion, no question. But to think of it as one-sided charity is to miss the point of authentic compassion and living in community with others.

Five reasons Philanthropy can be mutually beneficial:

1. Philanthropy helps our own communities to improve, making things better for us and for our children.

By helping to improve the lives of our families, friends, and the people around us, we’re directly improving the relationships between us and our own communities. Plus we’re improving our sense of…

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A friend in need…


Shay’s smile masks an amazing array of health and learning challenges.

I’d never heard of Turner Syndrome until my friend Lori told me about it last week. Her daughter Shay has dealt with more health challenges in her short life than I can even conceive of, and now those challenges all rolled together have a name.

Lori is hoping to take Shay to visit her grandparents in Nashville next month for Shay’s 16th birthday and Thanksgiving, but myriad life challenges have made it nearly impossible without help. I’ve committed to do just that, and to share this so others have the chance to help too. Read Lori’s hopes for Shay. Continue reading

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Library foundation stewarding donors, advancing mission at same time


I can read about Frank Sinatra’s life while sipping his family’s wine…an excellent pairing if ever there was one.

Last spring I attended the annual “Authors on the Move” event in Sacramento, the signature fundraiser for the Sacramento Public Library Foundation. It was a terrific event that included opportunities to interact with authors of a wide variety of books meeting every interest (and to purchase their books as well). Even better, during the dinner portion of the evening the authors rotated table-to-table among the audience so that each table got the opportunity for some extended time and conversation with three different authors throughout the night. Continue reading


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