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The Power of Legacy Stories

Here’s a compelling story capturing the impact of alumni legacy stories. Famous or not, alumni of our institutions have life stories to tell, and facilitating that as part of the cultivation and/or stewardship phases for that alumnus/alumna and his/her family can be very powerful. I’ve had the great fortune to be a part of discovering and sharing some amazing legacies in my work, and significant gifts to the institutions in questions have resulted from that process.

As a genealogy nut I’m particularly fond of this type of work, but this is a must for any development professional.

The Narrative Company

Why Gather Legacy Stories?

If you’re interested in learning a little about why you should bother, why not read this true story… 

The Phyllis Summerhayes Story

While I believed that gathering and sharing legacy stories was important in honouring donors, it was through my administration of an estate gift to the University of Victoria in 2005, that I truly understood its immense power. 

It all started one morning when I received a call from a local lawyer informing me of an estate gift for the University of Victoria. 

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