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The chase for corporate support

CorporateJust about every organization we work with of late has been seeking answers to a seemingly universal question in the non-profit community: “How do we attract more corporate support?”

A fair question, but not when it comes at the exclusion of others, such as, “How do we increase annual giving from individuals?”

Or, “How do we build a pipeline of major gifts prospects from our constituent base?” Continue reading


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Planning the future of Filoli

Filoli Gardens

Filoli Gardens

On April 27 I facilitated the first of three planned community conversations with stakeholders at Filoli as a part of RPR Fundraising‘s ongoing work with the organization, focusing on the future of the historic country estate located in Woodside, CA. This is the start of a strategic planning process that will include plans for the estate’s Centennial Celebration as well as fund development and long-term sustainability plans.

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K-12, higher education…”fundraising is fundraising”

CCEFIt was a pleasure to serve as a panelist at 2014 California Consortium of Education Foundations annual conference, held at UC Irvine this week, to discuss lessons K-12 fundraising professionals can glean from their higher education counterparts. The panel, moderated by Andrea Sala of the Peninsula Education Foundation in Palos Verdes, also included Dr. Sylvia Acosta, Assistant Vice Chancellor at UC Irvine.

Our discussion was wide-ranging, but focused primarily on the importance of inspiring donors through storytelling, providing clear and concise messages, and creating a culture of giving. Continue reading

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Talking fundraising, nonprofits and more on “The Powder Keg of Awesome”

I had the pleasure this morning of talking fundraising, nonprofits, and a variety of related topics on the Powder Keg of Awesome, the venerable and often irreverent internet radio podcast now in its third year on the air. Hosts Jerry Kennedy and Jackie Dotson fostered a free-flowing session along with producer Michael Clark, and the four-way dialogue touched on a variety of topics surrounding best practices for nonprofit organizations, the stumbling blocks many organizations run into as they attempt to grow, the cost-benefit analysis that should accompany any fundraising event, and the importance of working with the right consultant for your organization.

You can listen to the entire one-hour podcast from BlogTalkRadio right here.

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Louder doesn’t always equal better

One of the great challenges for underserved populations in our country is of course access to higher education, which can be the determining factor in escaping poverty.  For example, only 5% of Native Americans living on reservations can afford to go to college.

There’s an TV ad campaign that’s been running for awhile now seeking to entice donors to give to the American Indian Scholarship Fund. Continue reading

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Constituent Engagement: Free Webinar to Offer Insights on New Program

Engaging constituents: a critical role for any nonprofit executive, fundraiser, or volunteer.

Engaging constituents: a critical role for any nonprofit executive, fundraiser, or volunteer.

RPR Fundraising is pleased to offer a FREE webinar on emerging methods of constituent engagement. Learn from one of our new associates about a compelling engagement program that is yielding tremendous results in terms of volunteer recruitment and donor cultivation.

Whether you’re a nonprofit executive director, a frontline fundraiser, or a volunteer board member, learning to engage prospective supporters and donors is critical to your organization’s success. Join us December 3 at 12 noon PDT!

Register here!

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Can philanthropy be mutually beneficial?

The author contemplates the meaning of philanthropy and whether it can be beneficial not only to recipients but also to philanthropists. His five reasons why philanthropy can be mutually beneficial make for an interesting read…

Experience Baseball

1. the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed esp. by the generous donation of money to good causes.

I have mixed feelings about Philanthropy and “charity.” Both connote the transfer of resources from ones who have unto ones who have not. And that’s not what we seek in philanthropic work.

Rather, I think philanthropy embodies a spirit of community and commonality. It’s truly genuine and authentic compassion, no question. But to think of it as one-sided charity is to miss the point of authentic compassion and living in community with others.

Five reasons Philanthropy can be mutually beneficial:

1. Philanthropy helps our own communities to improve, making things better for us and for our children.

By helping to improve the lives of our families, friends, and the people around us, we’re directly improving the relationships between us and our own communities. Plus we’re improving our sense of…

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